• Contributed to the organisation of and delivery of the annual regional Transition Town gathering in Newcastle (Jan)
  • Held our annual visioning event for our members (Jan)
  • Started to rent Room 11 at Alington House on a full time basis and used it for a wide variety of meetings including our Hub meetings
  • Promoted courses and workshops in the region including: Governance and Legal Structures for Coops and Social Enterprises, Bread making, Fruit Tree Grafting and Sustain’s Real Bread Campaign.
  • Promoted and helped to organise a variety of talks, presentations and film showings including: Derek Wall from the Green Party, the Mary Mellor economics course, Jonathan Dawson from Schumacher College, Paul Chatterton from LILAC, Plan Local from Bristol’s Centre for Sustainable Energy, a showing of Growing Change and the Bee campaign by Friends of the Earth,
  • Transition Durham members Jules, Fiona, Amy and Valentina take our Fruit Group to the next level by forming the social enterprise Fruitful Durham (Feb)
  • Co-organised the Permaculture and Transition area for the Newcastle Community Green Festival (June)
  • Supported independent transition related projects to keep thriving including Living for a Future (regional alternative housing programme), Abundant Earth and the Durham Food Co-op
  • Organised a cycling event as part of our Wot No Oil! program, developed a Vision for our Transport group and supported opposition to the proposed Western Bypass
  • Promoted co-operative events as part of the International Year of Co-operatives
  • Supported the launch of the Durham Community Woodlands Network, the development of Transition Derwentside, the launch of the first Transition Durham Tour as part of the Autumn Permaculture Course and further activities on our Reconomy programme
  • Held our second AGM in September and developed a vision for our Housing group
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