Transition Durham

Transition Town Initiatives aim to to support and encourage local action on peak oil, climate change and community resilience. We are concerned about our dependency on finite fossil fuels, concerned about how climate change is and will continue to affect our lives and concerned about the ability of our communities to cope with these challenges.

Transition Durham was initiated in mid-2007 and undertook an extended period of awareness-raising about peak oil and climate change, which included film showings, talks, managing stalls and building up a membership base. We continue to do this work as an on going task.

Membership is open to anyone based in Durham City or surrounding areas who has an interest in these matters. You will then be invited to Hub meetings, kept informed about current activities and have the ability to share your own ideas and project news with the members. Click on the Join button to become a member.

In early 2009 we established our coordinating Hub group, then we constituted as an unincorporated association in mid-2010, and successfully registered as an official Transition initiative with the Transition Network in December 2010.

Transition Durham’s Hub group is responsible for day-to day administration, managing our funds, coordination and collaboration between our various working groups and associated organisations, and initiating or supporting new projects. The Hub meets on a monthly basis and our meetings are open to all members. Members wishing to be actively involved are encouraged to join the Hub group.

This website shares with the public details of our story so far, our activities, current working groups. associated organisations, our visions, hopes, allies and positive projects that are all working towards a low carbon Durham no longer dependent on fossil fuels.

If you too are concerned about climate change, peak oil, community resilience and other local environmental matters and wish to get involved in any of our positive projects for a better world then please join our mailing list

P.s Do you like our logo? It is actually our banner and was made from recycled materials by the Durham Upcycling group and edited digitally by Norm.