Community Woodlands Group

The Durham Community Woodlands Network exists to facilitate communication and networking between the various community woodland projects and with people having an interest in community woodlands in the area.

It was formed following a meeting in April 2012 organised by Transition Durham, Friends of Flass Vale and the Woodland Trust, with support from Durham Energy Institute at Durham University.

A report commissioned by Forest Research defines community woodland management as “local community involvement in making decisions about or influencing the future direction of local authority woodland”. Only 15% of groups surveyed were classified as “empowered”, with devolved responsibility for managing a designated piece of woodland. In the Durham area, there are at least five community groups that could be described as “empowered”: Friends of Witton Dene, Friends of Flass Vale, Friends of Pelaw Wood, Hedleyhope Community Association and the Friends of Bearpark Woods.

Anyone can join the Durham Community Woodlands Google Group and join in  the discussion about community woodlands in and around Durham.

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