Durham Energy Institute

Durham Energy Institute (DEI) supports and produces cutting-edge research that tackles the societal aspects of energy technology through a unique interdisciplinary “Science and Society” approach.

The institute draws on the expertise of world-leading researchers across Durham University with a membership spanning departments in science, social science and Humanities. DEI researchers address a wide spectrum of energy issues such as renewables generation (wind, solar, hydro, bio) and integration, bio-fuels, carbon capture and storage, smart grids and networks, low carbon transitions, energy risk, and energy for development.

A key strand of our work is the social dimensions of energy with researchers focused on:

  • Energy systems in transition: examining the ways in which ‘low carbon’ transitions are taking place across energy systems.
  • Low carbon and resilient communities: examining the role of communities in sustainable energy futures.
  • Energy use and practices: investigating the factors that shape energy use and practice, and the ways in which these may evolve in the context of the low carbon transition.
  • Visual culture and energy: exploring the cultural landscape of energy and energy resources through cultural imaginary, visual art, and cultural memory, exploring how this shapes the future possibilities of managing energy transitions.

DEI’s work recognises that energy challenges cross-conventional disciplinary boundaries and that new ways of thinking about and conducting energy research are required. By drawing on the expertise of a wide range of social and physical science disciplines across the University we are able to apply new methods and perspectives to existing and emerging energy challenges.

Durham Energy Institute, South Road, Durham, DH1 3LE



Tel: +44 (0)191 334 2649

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