Durham Free Software Skill-Share Project

The Durham Free Software Skill-Share project (dfs3 for short) is an informal collective which works towards increasing local computer re-use, building our community’s skills and enabling people to enjoy the advantages of a computer in their own home, regardless of wealth.

  • Increase local computer re-use in order to reduce the excessive consumption and waste of computers in Durham (earth care)
  • Build our community’s skills and our independence to run information systems that meet our needs rather than exploiting us (people care)
  • Enable all people to enjoy the educational and communication advantages which come from having an energy-efficient networked computer in their own home, regardless of wealth (fair shares)

The principal resources we use to make these things happen are:

  • Good will from local donors of surplus equipment and services
  • Free software tools which enable flexible re-use
  • Co-operative strategies to anticipate future needs

How you can get involved:

  • Read our website https://network23.org/dfs3 for project updates
  • Join in the discussions on our mailing list at https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/dfs3
  • Propose a venue where we can run a training session for free
  • Help us to identify unused equipment, under-used broadband connections and people who could make use of these with some help
  • Engage us in discussion about unmet needs for information or communication technology in your home, project or locality; we might be able to help
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