Film and video

  •  ENDCIV (2011) A strong collection of Primitivist arguments which includes interviews with some very clever and very angry people. It’s important for Transition groups to engage critically with these arguments, because we might start from the same observations yet reach different conclusions about what’s to be done. Free to watch or screen.
  • KOYAANISQATSI (1982)  – is a feat of epic cinematography which puts civilisation under the spotlight, making no verbal comment other than the title which means “life out of balance”. The score for this film, by Phillip Glass, completely redefined how documentaries are set to music, and you’ll recognise the motifs as they’ve been re-used a lot. We have a DVD available to loan from
  • WINSTANLEY (1976) – biopic about Gerrard Winstanley, one of the True Levellers / Diggers and the 1649 St George’s Hill commune. An inspiration to many land rights campaigns, the True Levellers’ struggle was a turning point in English history. BFI.
  • THE POWERDOWN SHOW is a 10-part TV series that takes a fresh and engaging look at the community responses to the converging challenges of climate change and peak oil. We have a DVD available to loan from
  • IN TRANSITION 1.0 (2009) – From oil dependence to local resilience. A compilation of video submitted by Transition initiatives worldwide. We have a DVD available to loan from
  • THE TURNING POINT – A RETURN TO COMMUNITY (2009) Featuring the Findhorn Ecovillage and visionary leaders in the fields of Human Ecology and Global Transition, this film takes an inspiring look at our potential to create a life-sustaining society as we face the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change.
  • VOICES OF TRANSITION (2014) – By focusing on immediate profit and ignoring millennia of experience in agronomy,  agroindustry is responsible for the unprecedented erosion of soils now occurring around the world. Add climate change and dwindling natural resources to the picture, and it would appear that even societies in the Global North are no longer safe from famines. Voices of Transition is a film which is optimistic but clear-sighted. It makes clear that these current and impending crises are, in fact, positive challenges! We have a DVD available to loan from
  • DO THE MATH (2014) Campaign film from founder Bill McKibben. Focuses on the critical statistics of imminent climatic disaster and hence the urgency of divestment from fossil fuel extracting companies.
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