Food Durham

Food Durham is the name for the County Durham Food Partnership. The Partnership is comprised of individuals from different sectors who have an interest in any and all matters relating to food – its provenance, environmental, social and economic impact, animal welfare, and food justice – i.e. the whole food system.  These interests are summed up in the County Durham Food Charter, which can be found on the Food Durham website.

The purpose of the partnership is:

“to work together for a more equitable, sustainable, fairer food system for County Durham that is providing food that is healthy for people and the planet and providing access to good food for all.”

The Partnership is hosted by Durham Community Action and came out of a project that also produced a Sustainable Local Food Strategy for County Durham.

This work is very strongly linked to the Food Vision of Transition Durham and we work closely together with the Transition Durham Local Food Team, who are identified as a lead partner in some of the actions in the Strategy, such as allotment mapping. Our new Community Growing project, “Growing Durham”, will support the vision’s aspirations for more community growing schemes.

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