Fruitful Durham

Fruitful Durham are a coop and social enterprise that grew out of our previous working group – the Durham Fruit Group.

The Durham Fruit Group established a vision to have a fruit tree for every person who lives in Durham … that’s 40,000 trees! That way Durham residents would be able to access fresh, free fruit from their local patch.

There are already a lot of fruit trees in public spaces around Durham, along footpaths, cycle routes and housing estates. The Durham Fruit Group mapped these wild fruit trees and bushes – from apples and plums to blackberries, even kiwis! Anyone can visit the Google map.

Although there is an abundance of wild food, there are also many fruit trees, particularly apples, going unpicked in peoples’ gardens. People often have too much fruit to use, or are unable, or uninspired, to pick it.  Many of these apples are tasty old varieties, such as Catshead or Flower of the Town.

Fruitful Durham make and sell jams, cordials, chutneys and other fruit products from these local fruit trees. They are also involved in grafting fruit trees, selling fruit trees, managing orchard and fruit tree nursery sites and running courses relating to fruit.

Transition Durham is very proud to have supported the initiation and ongoing development of this local business. Members of Fruitful Durham have taken on the responsibilites of the Durham Fruit Group which includes the management of the Durham Fruit Group mailing list, which anyone interested in local fruit can join to receive local fruit news.

Fruit tree map:

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