Local Food Team

The Transition Durham Local Food Team has created and manages the Durham Local Food Website, the Durham Local Food Network and the Durham Local Food Facebook page.

The Durham Local Food Website includes a directory of over 60 local food businesses who have all had to pass our strict local food criteria. The team are currently building a map of local allotments onto the website. 

The Durham Local Food Network began in early 2006 as an outcome of the Durham Local Food Celebration organised in 2005. The network was relaunched as a Google Group during 2009.

The purpose of the Durham Local Food Network is to put local food enthusiasts in County Durham in touch with each other. Its all about encouraging organic food, small scale food, low food miles, food that does not contribute significantly to climate change, food that does not require vast excessive use of fossil fuels, food that is local, food that is honest, food that has a connection to the land of Durham.

Anyone can join the Durham Local Food Network Google Group for free. If you have news about local food in Durham that you want to share with others in the area then this is the network for you. There are currently over 400 members. You can also request to join the Durham Local Food Network by using the contact form here.

There are many types of local food news shared including:

-details of local food and wild food events

-ideas for projects that need support

-news from local food enthusiasts – growers, producers, permaculture activists, transition town activists etc.

-news from local food businesses – markets, restaurants, shops, growers, farmers, smallholders etc.

-news from local food groups – organic gardeners association, beekeepers group, slow food group, allotment groups etc

-news from local food projects – website team, fruit group, strategy group etc.

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