Research Group

The Research Working Group carries out and encourages research which can contribute to the projects and overall aims of Transition Durham, it also strives to maintain and promote greater links between local researchers and research institutes and Transition Durham.

Currently, the main projects of the Research group are related to creating a research directory and creating an alternative space for higher education teaching and research.

Research Directory: following in the footsteps of our local food directory and the Transition Network Research Marketplace, this project is about creating a directory of potential research projects which would benefit Transition Durham and it’s projects / working groups, and proactively seeking researchers (e.g Masters students, PhD students, freelance researchers and academics) for the identified projects. If you have a contribution for the directory or you’d like to be involved in this project then get in touch at the email address below.

Alternative higher education: this is inspired by projects such as the Social Science Centre (SSC), a cooperative based in Lincoln who provide free higher education, and the Really Open University (ROU) in Leeds, to create a Durham version. The form a Durham version takes will depend on who gets involved, currently it’s imagined that it will be a combination of SSC and ROU – as much about raising awareness and taking action to counter problems with the current higher education system as about creating new and alternative spaces and forms of higher education. If you’d like to be involved in anyway or you’d like to find out more contact the Research group at the address below.

Contact the Research Working Group by using our contact form here

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