Our vision for transport in Durham was developed by our Transport Working Group during 2012. The group agreed that Durham transport would be far more sustainable if:

  • Durham has thriving bicycle repair businesses (There is currently Recyke ya Bike in Durham)
  • there is a local liftshare organising system
  • there is less dependency on car use and fewer cars on the roads
  • it is easier for communities for enforce speed restrictions within their neighbourhoods should they wish to
  • local businesses use bicycles more frequently
  • there are more community owned transport systems
  • there are more footpaths and a greater use of local footpaths
  • more people switch to electric cars powered by renewable sources of electricity
  • there is no need to build new roads
  • there are fewer roads needed by cars so more can be given back to community use
  • local public transport is owned by local communities and not shareholder based corporations
  • transport systems are integrated and holistic
  • there are more buses where buses are needed and there are more electric buses powered by renewable sources of electricity
  • there are more dedicated cycle paths and more use of them by cyclists (read an article written about this and safety by one of the Transport Working Group members here)
  • parking for bicycles is easier and more available
  • electric bikes are common place to help us get up those Durham hills
  • residents feel more empowered and confident to use their car less or even not at all. Read more about our top tips for a personal transition to a low carbon transport approach here